For over 20 years, we’ve been helping Southern RI frame easily, beautifully, and affordably…


Custom Framing Services

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From helping with a broken glass catastrophe, to creating a completely new and beautifully defining look for your art or photos, we will be able to assess the piece you want to showcase and help keep it preserved forever easily, efficiently, and affordably.


Antique Historical Maps


Picture This has one of the largest collections of authentic antique local maps from Atlas’ published between 1870-1912, most of which are now very rare. Interesting pieces to have framed up if you’re a history buff…


Gallery of Local Artists’

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We have a huge ready-to-hang collection of framed art, both originals and prints. Perfect for your home renovation or as a housewarming gift with nostalgic flare. Our collection includes reproduced photographic prints from Narragansett circa 1901, locally famed artists such as Marge Vogel, Jim Early, and Richard Benjamin, and much more.