We get really really excited about framing…

Sometimes it’s all we think about.

The art of framing has morphed and grown at an incredible rate over the last few decades, not only in popular styles and basic materials, but also in the technology used — from being able to cut perfect mat designs with ease, to preserving the most delicate of antiques of all types for years to come — we’ve followed it all.

Our framing designers will work with you to find the best solution for your art, eccentric collections, prized photos — you name it, we’ll frame it. We’re happy to help with any project you have in mind. Consultations are always free and available anytime.


custom picture framing

Framing something special could be the simplest thing on your agenda, but maybe it seems like a daunting task with all the options around. Our designers are experts in the art of custom framing and will help guide you to make the best choice for your piece in line with your particular tastes.


quick & affordable readymade frames

We have a generous selection of ready-made frames for typical standard sized photos or artwork. Many of our ready-made frames are constructed in-house and one of a kind.


conservation framing

Although conservation framing can be as complex or as basic as any client desires, we pride ourselves on a pragmatic approach to conservation techniques. We do, however, pride ourselves on providing basic conservation framing upgrades for artwork protection against the aging process. Our framing designers will explain the pros and cons as we discuss your needs and the importance and value of your artwork.



We’ve framed just about everything - and we do mean everything - from sports jerseys, to antique cloth, to dried flowers, and then some. Combine your piece (or pieces!) with our specialty mats and custom plaques to make your memories shine.


Rare Antique maps

We have a large inventory of rare historic maps of southern Rhode Island. Many of these original atlas maps were damaged or destroyed in the hurricanes of the 20th century and are now very hard to come by. We also have a selection of reproductions for the history buff on a budget.